Dog Seat Belt. Yes, Your Dog Needs a Seat Belt in Car with you?
dog seat belt

Dog Seat Belt. Yes, Your Dog Needs a Seat Belt in Car with you?

Yes, Your Dog Needs a Seat Belt in Car with you? Click to Buy now

Not only Humans who should buckle up while Driving. Your Dogs needs it too. Here’s why.

Dog seat belt help you in controlled or confined your dog in the car, he will not distract you while driving, Every day, nine people are killed and 1,000 more injured because they were distracted while driving. And while cell phones are the biggest attention-grabbers, a pet can mess with your focus too. In fact, roughly two-thirds of dog owners admitted to being distracted by their pup in the car, according to the Kurgo/AAA survey. Another danger: A free-roaming dog can turn into a deadly projectile during a crash or sudden stop.

How do dog seat belts work?

Dog Seat Belts for Dogs are like harness only — it’s a padded vest that goes over your pet’s head, cinches at the chest, and then gets clipped to the seat belt. A good harness lets your dog lie down and sit up while preventing her from moving side to side.

How to get your dog used to seat belts and car seats

In order to get your Dog used to Dog seat belt “Start with five-minute trips, and then expand to ten- and 15-minute rides, and just keep going. Eventually the dog will settle down and get used to it,” after each ride give her plenty of praise and a treat.

Safest place for dogs in the car

Always ensure to keep your Dog in the back seats they do not belong in the front seat, and they do not belong on your lap. Just as that airbag could harm a child in an accident, your dog is also at risk. Traveling alone with your furry family member? Buckle him up in his car seat belt or carrier on the passenger’s side of the backseat so he can see you and feel reassured.

Keeping your pet safe on the road

You may be tempted to toss a chew toy or a plushie into the crate to keep your dog happy during a trip. Don’t. It can become a choking hazard or it can injure your pup if you crash. Your best bet is to stop every two hours or so to walk and play with your pet, recommended

Using any form of car restraint will provide numerous benefits:

  • It prevents your dog from going through the window.
  • It prevents driver distraction. (Think of Stephen King’s nearly fatal car accident, caused by a driver dealing with an unrestrained dog in his vehicle).
  • It allows paramedics to work on you without protective interference from your upset dog.
  • It prevents your dog from jumping out a window after squirrels.
  • It allows you to leave windows open wider for better ventilation.

Few other benefits:

Make road trips easier with Dog Seat Belt / Harness. Because most dogs love to run around the car, which could be a dangerous distraction to you and your pup, this restraint helps to keep him contained to a single spot in the backseat. Taking a one-size-fits all approach, it attaches to the harness D-ring on one end, while the other end secures to the seatbelt. You can leave it in the car at all times so you’re always ready to clip him in and go, and your dog will love that it allows him enough room to sit or lie down and take a snooze

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