Lift Support with Harness and Handle

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The fabric in contact with the dog is a sandwich mesh cloth, which is light and breathable, and has a rebound function to give the dog buffer protection

Buttocks buckle + hand-held Japanese word buckle adjustment. The hand-held position can be adjusted according to the optimal walking height of the person and the dog

Cotton PU between the handles, feels good. In the process of walking the dog for a long time, do not let the hand, give the hand to bless

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New Lift Support Harness for old & injured Dogs

UBS Pet Shop Dog Lift Support Harnesses for Old & Injured Dogs

UBS Pet Shop Dog Lift Harnesses: Help for Mobility-Impaired Canines. This product has satisfied many We’ve always cared for a geriatric dog with limited mobility, so, let’s talk about the benefits Lift harnesses for old & injured Dogs

What Is a Dog Lift Support Harness?

Lift harness is basically a hang that wraps around your dog’s body with a long handle.

Once you stole it around your dog, you can pull up mildly on the handle to take some of the weight off your dog’s legs, hips or spine.

Helping your dog on stairs – If your dog is doing good and able to get around fairly well, but needs help on the stairs while going up and down, you’ll just want to lift up gradually on the harness handle while walking beside dog. Don’t try to lift her off the ground, just take some of the weight off dog’s hips and legs. Just make sure that you proceed gently and grip the handrail with your other hand to ensure you don’t lose your balance

Helping your dog hop into the car. No one wants to make an ailing dog with hips or joints jump up into or out of a car, so use a UBS Pet Shop Dog Lift Harness allows you to lift your pup by the hips and shoulders. You should consider a good ramp to allow her to enter and exit the car

Helping your dog go outside to poop or pee. In this case, you’ll have to make a fine line between providing enough support to help your dog stand and move, yet without infringing on her ability to assume the position and answer nature’s call.

Helping your semi-mobile dog go for a walk. It can be used for the Dogs that have relatively minor limitations may still enjoy (and benefit from) going on short walks.

Why Do Dogs Need this Lift Harnesses?

There are a variety of reasons that dogs can need the additional support this UBS Pet Shop Dog Lift Harness provides.


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2 reviews for Lift Support with Harness and Handle

  1. Akansha

    Awesome products for those pets who are physical challenged. You see change of positivity and morale boost both in pet and family who really Love❤❤ their pets.

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      Dear customer- Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

  2. Sunny

    Excellent products, good quality worth buying it

    • admin

      Dear customer- Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

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