Dog Seat Belt / Harness


  • GBP: 6.27£

  • Dog Car Seat Belt Easily attaches to most standard seatbelts, and then clips onto the harness D-ring.
  • Keeps your dog in place to minimize driving distractions and restrain your dog to one position.
  • Allows your dog to sit or lie down comfortably, so it’s great for nervous passengers.
  • Recommended for use in the back seat.
  • Color may vary*
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Dog Seat Belt

It Makes road trips easier with Dog Seat Belt / Harness. Because most dogs love to run around the car, which could be a dangerous distraction to you and your pup, this restraint helps to keep him contained to a single spot in the backseat. Taking a one-size-fits all approach, it attaches to the harness D-ring on one end, while the other end secures to the seatbelt. You can leave it in the car at all times so you’re always ready to clip him in and go, and your dog will love that it allows him enough room to sit or lie down and take a snooze.


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